Brink Home E-Control

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Bedienmodule Brink Home (E-bus) t.b.v. bediening en uitlezen op afstand via App. (iOS & Android)
Uitgebreide instellingen optioneel via de Brink Online Portal.

Geschikt voor de Excellent 450/400/300/180, Sky 300/200/150, Renovent Elan en Ubbink Ubiflux F300/150 en W450/400/300/180 units.

2 beoordelingen voor Brink Home E-Control

  1. Sven

    Very unstable and not able to Connect to Brink portal. Module loses connection on the ebus very often, making it almost unusable at the moment.

  2. Eivan

    Hello Robert, just to confirm that the Brink e-module works fine with the Ubbink Ubiflux W400.

    Some feedback that may help someone some day
    1) I connected it using the front service port (as described in the manual) and the rear ebus connector, both work. The rear connector ebus was connected in series to the emodule and the WTW control unit. Mine is now connected to the front service port.
    2) To avoid any conflict with the programmed timer in the main WTW control unit, best to set the brink emodule to manual instead of automatic
    3) Ethernet and Wifi connections work fine. I’d recommend initial connection to Ethernet to configure the wifi settings before connecting the module to the unit.
    4) The IOS app only reports fan speed, mode and bypass status. The brink-home portal provides lots of data (once installer mode is enabled).
    5) Remotely, Brink support enabled installer mode to access additional data.

    Best regards,

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